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Learning + Care for your child

Angelitos Pre Schools offers a unique combination of pre school learning that helps children make transition to formal schooling. 

What is Education?

They see cooking. We see self confidence. 

They see football. We see intense discipline and hardwork. 

They see water colours. We see creative experiments. 

They see guitar. We see precision and performance. 

They see engineers. We see creators. 

Education is seeing things differently.

That's why we create an environment for children to experience the world around them in as many different ways as possible, so that their definition of Education stays as different as they are. 

Angelitos Pre School Delhi Kids Talking

What is Pre School? Is it necessary?

Pre Schools form the beginning of life long learning for your children. Angelitos Pre School employs activity based learning to aid in development of motor and sensory skills to start with and later on development of complex behaviours such as teamwork, empathy etc. 

Secure & Safe

CCTV Recording. 24 x 7 Security. Transport Facility. Walled Campus. 

Dedicated Tutors & Teachers

The angelitos pre school employs dedicated teachers who take teaching as their passion. These teachers put their heart in teaching and ensure that your child grows. 

Healthy Nutritious Food.

Only Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Dry Fruits, Pulses & Grains. No - Burger, Maida, Chocolates, Chips, Cold Drinks

Pre School / Half Day Care

930 AM to 1230 PM

Age Group 31 Months + Learning through various activities.  

After School Care

130 PM to 630 PM

Age Group 18 Months to 8 years (Activities: Art & Craft Classes, Taekwondo, Music & Dance Classes, Homework Support) This also includes food and nap time.  

Full Day Care

930 AM to 1230 PM

Age Group 9 Months + Day Care program is designed for a child of age 9 Months + such that the child can enjoy, learn and develp the most they can in a day before returning to their parents to have a quality time in the evening. Meals including breakfast, lunch, fruits etc is provided.  

Beginning of Lifelong Learning for your child.